This is a place where we will talk about ideas, art, the Bible and God. You will be invited on a journey to deepen your spiritual walk and expand your creativity.

Let’s get started!

Hi, I’m Jessica Broich

I am an artist, entrepreneur and prayer minister. Over the past two decades I have spent time investing in a personal relationship with Jesus and have seen the fruit of the gifts of the Holy Spirit flowing through my art and writing. I have started creating courses to share insights and my experiences in hopes that others will be able to embark on their own rich journey with the Lord.

"Jessica's art has been a visual reminder of the promises that God has given me. Like a spiritual word, it gives enough clarity for direction but not too much detail that it cannot have multiple interpretations. When there have been challenges, these pieces have been able to focus my spirit so that I can keep moving forward."

- Trevor DePalatis